Frequently Asked Questions MCA/CoC Examination

1. What’s the name of the exam that mariners appear in the UK?

Ans :

The marine engineers come to the UK either to upgrade their current Indian CoC (Certificate of Competency)  to Second Engineer or Chief Engineer or progress to the next CoC level. The exams they appear are as follows:

  • The SQA (Scottish Qualification Authorities) Academic Subjects exam: Chief Engineer Level (Class 1): Applied Heat, Applied Mechanics, Electro-Technology, Naval Architecture

  • The SQA Academic Subject exam: Second Engineer Level (Class 2): Applied Heat, Applied Mechanics, Electro-Technology, Naval Architecture, Engineering Drawing

  • MCA (Maritime Coast Guard Agency, UK) EK (Engineering Knowledge): Motor & General

  • MCA: Oral for Class 2 & Class 1

2. What is the name of some institutions/classes who run those preparatory courses for such exams?


In the UK, there are two approved marine schools who run the above-mentioned courses either through classroom-based course programme or distance learning.

United Kingdom
  • City of Glasgow College (CoGC): All SQA Academic subjects are delivered through the Distance Learning Programme by the CoGC. The students need to take this subject as they must have the course completion certificate in order for them to sit the SQA exams

  • South Tyneside College (STC) South Shield Marine School: They run classroom-based courses a couple of times in a year. Indian mariners, they attend at STC, though due to high course cost including UK accommodation and travel cost, they prefer distance learning and extra tuition classes in India, which are affordable and have no language barriers.

3. Name of the positions after promotions for which the exams need to appear?


Once the candidate passes the SQA and MCA exams, the fourth engineer can get promoted to 2nd Engineer, the Second engineer can get promoted to Chief Engineer, which brings a big boost in their salary and rank on-board ship. The UK CoC are well in demand and globally highly esteemed license for marine engineers. Having achieved UK CoC helps mariners to earn higher than any other equivalent CoC from other countries around the globe.

  • Career Progression: Fourth Engineer to Second Engineer (2nd Engineer UK CoC)- Average Salary after promotion $ 5000-9000 tax-free per month

  • Second Engineer to Chief Engineer (Chief Engineer UK CoC)- Average salary after promotion $9000- $14000 tax-free per month


4. The official name of all exams for which we will run the classes


SQA Academic Subjects:

  • Chief Engineer (Class 1): Applied Heat, Applied Mechanics, Electro-Technology, Naval Architecture

  • Second Engineer Level (Class 2): Applied Heat, Applied Mechanics, Electro-Technology, Naval Architecture, Engineering Drawing

5. Authority, university Regulating/Awarding bodies who conducts exams?


SQA (Scottish Qualification Authority):

SQA is awarding body and has all examiners to those subjects. If a candidate passes those academic exams, they get graded with the pass or fail between grades 1-9. The candidate receives the Graded certificate for the pass. Once they receive those certificates, they are eligible to apply for the UK CoC.

For reference:

MCA (Maritime Coastguard Agency, UK): They are regulating body who issues the Certificate of Competency for Second Engineer & Chief Engineer.

For reference:

City of Glasgow College (COGC) & South Tyneside College(STC). They are SQA, MCA approved marine schools who run those courses for the Second & Chief Engineer.

6. What are the countries where usually the mariners are stationed on ships?


On-board marine career is global. The shipping industry has a global trading route from the Far East to South Asia to Europe to Northern and western countries of the world. For instance, in-bulk trade routes reflect the places of origin and consumption of the commodities carried. For example, many of the main oil routes begin in the Middle East and end in developed countries where demand for oil is greatest.



7. Is there any timeline for the exams? How many times in a year these exams are conducted?


There is four Exam Schedule (diets) each year for these exams, are conducted by the SQA in the UK at the City of Glasgow College & South Shield Marine College. Four exams are in usually in the March/April, July, October, and December.



8. What are some websites where any details of exams are given?


These dates are decided by the regulatory bodies MCA and SQA. The exam dates in the academic year 2015-2016 are made available through MIN 507M (Merchant Information Notice). It can be checked over here.



9. What are the official websites for applying for these exams?


In order to appear to these SQA exams, the candidate needs to fill up the examination forms at the UK Centres either at City of Glasgow College, South Shields Marine College, Warsash Marine Academy
City of Glasgow College:
South Tyneside College
Warsash Maritime Academy



10. Why should mariners do preparatory courses in India instead of going to the UK?


There are combinations of many reasons for this as follows:

  • Preparatory courses for these academics SQA exams are not run regularly throughout the academic year by the UK Colleges due to mainly less number of interested students. The city of Glasgow College delivers these courses through distance learning. The students have to undertake it as they require a mandatory course completion certificate to sit the SQA exam. Distance learning is not best suited for the SQA hard exams. The students certainly need extra help with personalized tuition and proper guidance to crack SQA exams

  • In India, it is cheaper to do the preparatory courses rather than attending STC Or Any other college in the UK. They also save money for the length of time they stay in the UK.

  • There is a huge demand for academic helps which helps them to pass the exams easily as while serving at sea, the mariner students forget all engineering knowledge and calculations.

  • Past Paper solutions are provided with tuition help.



11. What are the benefits of joining us?


  • These preparatory classes at us are driven by the MCA/SQA experts, who exactly knows the syllabus and exam patterns.

  • There will be exam-oriented teaching with an aim to get students to pass at 100 % rate. Mock test and feedback systems will be implemented to gauge the learner’s ability to pass the exam in the UK.

  • There will be a money back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the course content teaching and services offered to them.

  • On top of customized academic services, we will provide full assistance with all local student accommodations, facilities in Mumbai, career guidance, UK Visa services, and UK Accommodation, applying for the UK Mandatory Short Course.

  • There will be long-term relationships with each candidate and providing extra services and academic help throughout their exam in the UK.



12. How to reach our Corporate Office?


  • SOME Corporate office is located at
    F-36, 1st floor, Haware Fantasia Business Park,
    Sector 30/A, Near Inorbit Mall,
    Opp. Vashi Station,
    Navi Mumbai -400 703,
    Maharashtra (India).

  • A walkable distance from Vashi Railway Station.

  • Landmark: Near Inorbit Mall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai.



13.Whom to contact/ how to get more information?

Ans: Contact Persons:

Please feel free to call or Whatsapp to the following Contact Persons:




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14. Can I pay online?

Ans. Yes, you can pay online



15. Is online payment facility available for fees?


You can pay your fees online through NEFT/Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit funds to the following accounts:





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Account No: 116 000 10 100 1460

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Payment Instructions:

Once you make the payment, please Email details of the

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  5. Name of Bank

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