Why Choose Us


We are very proud to be the renowned center of excellence for marine education and academic support to seafarers. We offer programmes across the whole spectrum of marine education and engineering. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team have a wealth of industry experience, so they understand the needs of employers and rightly educate sea-going professionals. There is so much to the School of Marine Education…


  • School of Marine Education help you from beginning to end to convert/upgrade Indian/Panamian/Librarian/Bahamians CoC to the prestigious UK CoC-Second Engineer, Chief Engineer


  • We help Mechanical/Civil/Mechatronics/Marine Engineering graduates to pursue the UK Fourth, Second & Chief Engineer CoC by world-class coaching for all academic classes.


  • All academic courses are conducted at one center by our experienced faculty, who run the course with an aim to achieve higher pass rate to CoC aspirants


  • Student services include accommodation arrangements, catering facilities, UK Visa Services, Sea Career advices


  • Much more focused on teaching and full academic support to needful students


  • We aim to be excellent in all that we do through continuous innovation and quality improvement, best practice


  • We provide a range of promotional offer and discounts for multi-subject course booking